San Juan Island Real Estate

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San Juan Island Docks and Moorages

Photo of San Juan Island dock07/24/2020 Update: On San Juan Island/Pearl Island and Henry Islands there are currently 7 docks for sale. There are 6 residential homes with docks, click Here..  There no vacant parcels of land with a dock at this time. Last but not least there is one condo dock available in Friday Harbor and this 45′ dock comes with a house boat. Click here for more information.


Docks are becoming extremely valuable Real Estate due to increased regulatory hurdles that property owners are faced with. If one can manage to get a dock permitted, chances are it will be a community dock that is shared with neighboring properties.

If you have any questions about boating in the San Juan’s please feel free to contact us or if you are looking for docks outside of San Juan Island, please feel free to contact John or 360-378-7836 .