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Lopez Island and Outer Island Docks and Moorages

dock shot1

This dock is a fine example of year around deep water moorage. 73′ on the outside slip with 10′ of depth at a minus 3′ tide

Lopez and Outer Island docks and moorage’s. As of 07/24/2020 we have one 90′ dock available on Decatur Island and one dock available on Trump Island. Click here When we refer to outer islands in the San Juan’s, we are referring to non-ferry served Islands. On Decatur Island there is one dock available. One is 70 +/- acres in 10 parcels with a 90′ dock.

As we move into the coming year there will be more docks added to these pages due to the seasonality of our market. The photos below show a dock that was available in Fisherman’s Bay, Lopez Island.



  • Decatur Island acreage with 90′ dock.