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Docks and Moorages on Orcas and Shaw Islands-Real Estate

Orcas dock

Great location on Obstruction Pass with 117″ of no bank walk on beach. A rare combination of amenities with deep water dock and accessible beach

Real Estate-Docks, Moorages available on Orcas and Shaw Islands. As of December 18th, there are 10 docks available on Orcas and Shaw Islands. All of these docks are with improved real estate properties, meaning there is a house attached to the property. There is one small dock that serves 5 condo units that are located next to the ferry landing. The majority of the moorages you find in the Islands average 40 feet in length and they all vary greatly in depth. Some are seasonal and others are year around moorage. Docks and improved Real Estate along the shoreline in general are becoming increasingly valuable due to increasing regulatory hurdles that property owners are faced with. If one can manage to get a dock permitted, chances are that it will be a community dock shared with neighboring properties. Homes for sale on Orcas and Shaw Islands that have docks

To see a list of all docks with properties click here, There is currently no vacant land with docks.   For condo docks on Orcas, they are all currently located adjacent to the ferry landing. click here . Once you open one of these links, click on the MLS # for more details.  if you are looking for docks outside of San Juan Island, please feel free to contact John or 360-378-7836 .