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Monthly Archives: May 2017

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New Meeting Spot in Friday Harbor

Lovely weather lately…..

First off, we’ve had a streak of nice days here on San Juan Island. There’s plenty of time to get in the garden, mow the lawn and kick back with a favorite cool beverage, even if you’re still wearing the goose down parka later in the evening. Friends and family are starting to come for a visit, so in addition to your favorite places, check this out:

Looking up Spring Street

At the intersection of Spring and Second streets, right in front of the movie theater and the alley access to the Farmer’s Market, there’s a new space for hanging out. The town overhauled the sidewalk, which now features a landscaped area with stone carved chairs, a curved bench and an assembly of small stools for sitting. There’s also a low curved steel wall that sets the seating area off from the street. We believe it’s going to be the new place for meeting up……..”I’ll see you at the curved bench in 10 minutes!”

San Juan Island Farmer’s Market

Remember to support your local farmers and artisans on Saturdays from 10am to 1pm at the Farmer’s Market at Brickworks. What a great place to grab some lunch and pick up something for dinner on Saturday night. View all the details here:

A great place to sit and people watch

Stay tuned,

John and Sarah